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Soul Mate

I’m in love with him

She said

From her solitary sea bed

As she spoke to the moon

Her heart sang a song

And she thought of her man

Their love ever strong

But the timing, unlike their destiny

Was wrong


In light of that fact

There was space for a pact

A friendship for ever and ever

One giving space for every adventure

A knowing they would never part

There was only one thing

That didn’t feel right...

The fact that you can’t beat a heart


And so there he lay

With a love of his own

A source of fun and of spirited joy

And so there she sat

Looking up at her moon

Respecting all that she shares with her boy

All the time her soul was calling

For her to reach for the sky


There was only one place

They could safely be

In their dreams they

Came together

And flew as high as their love sent them

Over his ocean

Way past her Moon

On a path to their own secret Heaven.


Copyright BreakAway Art P/L

Soul Mate

  • 45H x 51W

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