Original Paintings

Sam’s original paintings are alive in their colour and texture. The original oils are painted on Belgian Linen using the finest quality oils. Syringe work as well as brush work creates a tapestry-like texture and aids the finest detail. 

Parallel Lives
Parallel Lives.jpg

A painting for two love birds. Featuring Mount Chincogan and Mullumbimby Music Festival’s Magic Bus. A tribute to music man Russel Shaw.

As Above, So Below
As Above, So Below.jpg

A commission requested by a father for a son who volunteers with the raptors at Taronga Zoo. The eagles are a source of joy and grace for the young man.

We see a Wedge Tail eagle being cruel to be kind as one less rabbit is eradicated from the central desert. The cosmic forces ready to receive and recycle the rabbit’s body and soul.

Cod in Heaven
Cod in Heaven.jpg

Three giant potato cod swim in their pristine paradise.


Sam’s latest commissioned oil painting, Cod in Heaven is available as an giclee limited edition print on canvas, measuring 1020 X 770mm. Only 100 hand signed and numbered prints will be produced, identical in size to the original painting.  The cost is $660 plus postage and you can order by emailing 



A half sized print is also available, hand signed, for $250.

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down
Breakaway by Samantha Wortelhock

My first painting in years is for children who feel powerless in a world that appears to be dying before their eyes.  My hope is that the painting or print will be the last thing children see before they drift off to sleep. It is an image designed to empower children and offer them hope. 


The painting was inspired by the notion of positive delusion, how thinking positively coupled with the power of visualisation can set in motion new ideas and frameworks.  


In the painting a boy is yearning for the natural world.  He sits with an Elder who tells him stories around a campfire about how we belong to the Earth and how we can take care of it.  

Limited Edition Giclee Print size:760mm x 1010 mm

Breakaway by Samantha Wortelhock

Depiction of a man and a seagull trading places.

Original Painting & Limited Edition Giclee Print size: 95 x 165cm

The Human Race
The Human Race by Samantha Wortelhock

Depiction of the ultimate race against time.

Original Painting & Limited Edition Giclee Print size: 80 x 100cm


Soul Mate
Soul Mate by Samantha Wortelhock

Depicts a man, who, so in love with surfing, decides to jump into bed with his board.

Original Painting & Limited Edition Giclee Print size: 55 x 75cm


Food For Thought
Food For Thought by Samantha Wortelhock

Depicts a mother ruminating on the fate of her son.

Original Painting & Limited Edition Giclee Print size: 55 x 70cm


In the Lap of Gods
In The Lap of Gods by Samantha Wortelhock

Depicts original Australian babies in the pouches of their totem animal: the Rock Wallaby.

Original Painting & Limited Edition Giclee Print size: 55 x 70cm


Depiction of a kangaroo boxing a cow to reclaim his land.