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Sam custom designs highly creative programs, intuitively responding to the brief from schools. Most schools invite Sam back for more.  

Students are spellbound as the mural evolves like an unfolding illusion.  They learn art techniques as Sam communicates method and the wisdom behind the art.Her work with schools such as Tweed Heads South Public School, Ocean Shores Public School, Ballina Public School, Cabbage Tree Island Public School – just to name a few – have yielded positive results from teachers, students, and principals alike.


Most school murals take from 2 to 5 days to complete.

Coomera Springs State School


Commissioned for the library’s outdoor classroom, the brief was to create a visual feast for the school’s newly built outdoor classroom.  The idea is to ignite the imagination with visual portals into the pages of books. I chose to limit characters to enable the students to imagine stepping into the landscapes of their favourite stories rather than just seeing the pictures.  The  grey concrete pathway became a stream with fish pools, rocks and a beach to soften the edges of the sandstone blocks.  The mural took seven days for the walls and one day for the path.  Depicted are scenes from Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and Narnia.


Duration: 4 Days

Ballina Public School


Sam painted the first mural during the summer holidays; her longest ever mural that stretched almost the entire length of the school along Tamar Street.  A witty scene of seagulls baking and pelicans enjoying the beach.  This became the 1st of 7 myriad murals depicting the sea and land scapes of Ballina.  The paintings cheered up a school dominated by brick walls and totally transformed the learning environment and was deeply appreciated by students and staff.  One boy in kindergarten on his second day who hadn’t spoken began to talk when his teacher took him over to the dolphin mural and she came up to Sam with tears in her eyes to tell her what had happened.


Duration: 7 Murals - 16 Days

Cabbage Tree Island Public School


Sam has a long association and deep affection for Cabbage Tree Island Public School and was delighted when Principal Dyonne Anderson asked her to consult with the community and pupils for a landscape to showcase beautiful wooden burn carvings that had adorned the school’s exterior walls for some years.  The students were so engaged with the project that Sam asked Dyonne if she could invite students to paint, one on one, with her.  It was the most bonding and healing mural Sam had ever painted. 


Duration: 5 Days

Coffee Camp Public School


Situated in one of Lismore Shire’s most beautiful spots, Coffee Camp oozes Big Scrub Rainforest and history.  So this mural shows the Nimbin Rocks, a waterfall and birds and animals who have roamed the land, some endangered, some extinct.  Sam has embarked on a second mural for the school: a beautiful Star Tree with birds singing notes, students perched in the branches and books to showcase the Tree of Knowledge. 


Duration: 2 Murals - 4 Days each

Condong Public School


The beautiful Tweed River skirts the school grounds.  So, it was inevitable to depict life above and below the river surface.  Marcia, an indigenous teacher who has worked at Condong School for decades, guided Sam to include species of significance to her mob.


Duration: 2 Murals - 2 Days and 4 Days

Duranbah Public School


Duranbah Public School overlooks plains to the sea.  These plains are about to be developed and hundreds of houses will be built.  Sam sat the students in circle and they wanted to be able to see how their current view of natural beauty for years to come.  So that’s what Sam painted and included species they see there.


Duration: 4 Days

Kyogle Public School


The Principal of Kyogle PS wanted to beautify his school entrances with amusing, welcoming and relevant creatures.  So Sam painted the brush turkey (Kyogle’s emblem) and powerful owls (for knowledge!) 


Duration: 2 Days

Southern Cross Public School


The 1st mural for SC Public School was a P and C initiative to paint the junior school canteen.  Sam consulted with the canteen manager, Lisa and Treasurer of the P and C and listened to their priorities: healthy, home made and happy.  The mural depicts quirky native animals eating their favourite healthy foods with children and a blackboard announces the café as a Life Saver that serves food that nature intended.


Duration: 4 Days




The 2nd mural was a joint venture with Mirryndah Nixon, a young Bundjalung woman who Sam had invited to work with her on Aboriginal themed murals.  They sat in circle with four students and Mirryndah worked with the students’ ideas to create a scene based on the 2015 theme of We Stand on Sacred Ground.  The scene depicts a circle of stones and footprints where indigenous and non-indigenous students have shared their learning tools: designs drawn in sand and books surrounded by birds and one students totem: the pippi.


Duration: 2 Days

Uki Public School


A very tired and rather rusty demountable building is Uki’s canteen and sits centre stage in one of Tweed Shire’s most picturesque schools.  Sam changed it completely with a rainforest creek scene on one side, a night scene of powerful and rufous owls on the other side with Wollumbin looming in the background.  Then the entrance where the students walk through the door is a Satin Bowerbird’s bower.  Sam has returned to the school to paint the inside so students will actually be inside the bower!


Duration: 3 Murals - 6 Days

Wilsons Creek Pre-School


A parent commissioned this mural to say thank you for the years their two children attended WC pre-school.  Sam studied the species found in the Wilson’s Creek and during the school holidays she painted this ‘surprise’ for returning students and staff.  The building overlooks the top of the tank so it was important to her that the roof of the tank was as beautiful as it could be.


Duration: 2 Days

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