We received our gorgeous letter box and are thrilled with its beautiful colours and pictures of Aussie animals.  We have installed it outside our Granny Flat where we have a little fake farm for our two grandchildren. It just adds a lovely touch and we plan to put letters in it so our granddaughter can enjoy collecting letters and cards from the letter box.


Hope you like where we've placed it. Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL art. 


Ian and Debra, 12 February 2021

​Your letterbox arrived safely yesterday, although we only unpacked the parcel this morning, I let Ian unpack it, he loved it the birds the trees everything it is now sitting proudly on our hall table near the front door, I suggested to Ian that he place a letter inside the letterbox to tell the story of why he wanted to see the white trunk gumtrees, it is a good idea he said that way it is not only a letterbox but one that tells a story that we can pass on to our kids when it no longer can sit on a hall table.

Thank you for being able to paint a work of art that comes from the heart. Ian and I will be able to talk about that letterbox for a long time .

Thank you and God bless, Take care enjoy your gift of painting that delights every one that sees it.

Ian & Ineke Butterworth, 30 January 2021

Well, I waited to Christmas and gifted my husband the letterbox.  I have never seen him so lost for words, he loved it.  This is a before and after of our letter box, my husband made the old 20 years and it was time for an upgrade.  Thank you again Sam, we just love it.

Trudi, 29 December 2020

What a beauty..... such a charming piece of art.  Thanks a million!

Danielle Somerville-Mole, 29 December 2020

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