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How adorable is this?!  Little possum loves our beautiful letterbox.  He visits every night and sits on it.  Camouflages beautifully!

Trish Mathers, 16 June 2021

Possum box.jpg

The talented Samantha Wortelhock has done it again! With ideas from the students she has created an amazing feature wall to welcome visitors. The students have had a ball watching the mural unfold, while Sam patiently chatted away with them all day. Thank you - we love it! 

Leeville Public School, 14 May 2021

I have known of the art of Sam Naughton (nee Wortelhock) since the mid-1990’s when I purchased a “gallery” of prints from Heaven and Earth in the QVB Building in Sydney. “Modern Inconveniences”, ”Reaching for a breath of Fresh Air”,  ”Green Issues”, “Hanging Out”, Humpback whale and calf and coral reef scenes in Sam’s unique style have featured in my home ever since. As a novice scuba diver and sea tragic I was most deeply impacted by the 3D original of “Cod Almighty” that hung in the gallery. I was celebrating a new chapter in my life and I purchased Special Artist’s Edition 1/50 of “Cod Almighty”. To say Sam’s art spoke to me is an understatement. The years rolled by and my sons each slept under “Green Issues “ and “Hanging Out” from the days they were born. The years rolled by and I came to hang “Cod Almighty” in a sunny sitting room off the Kitchen in one of a succession of new homes. I didn’t appreciate in our busy life how sunny the sitting room was when I wasn’t there and how much sun “Cod Almighty” received over the couple of years we were there until I took it down to move to the next home. I  was disappointed to see that not unlike the coral reef it had suffered bleaching of its brilliant colour and the interaction between the light penetrating the surface which a scuba diver knows, captured by Sam. The years rolled by and I still treasured my Special Artists Limited Edition Print but as a new chapter in my life beckoned, in which I would be living with my two adult sons ( 19 and 21), I had cause to celebrate. I reached out to Sam though Breakaway Art explaining that to celebrate this next chapter in my life I hoped to secure a refreshed print of “Cod Almighty”. Sam was wonderfully responsive and sympathetic and made enquiries of her printer to find that the digital version of “Cod Almighty” was no longer available. As my circumstances had improved I boldly enquired as to whether Sam knew the whereabouts of the original and whether it was for sale. Sam had  no knowledge of its whereabouts after all these years which is probably just as well as my circumstances had not improved that much ! What to do ? Sam kindly and generously offered to paint an original in oils and she had a canvass that would be “just the ticket” – a bargain was struck and an original commissioned but not a copy of “Cod Almighty” an  original featuring those wonderful Potato Cod ( Epinephelus tukula) as seen at the Cod Hole dive site at the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef. But Sam had a surprise – there would be three Cod ! Sam shared the journey of her work from blank canvass to finished product by photos, also featuring her dogs Duncan and Dougal. It was amazing and a privilege to see Sam transform the blank canvass to three Potato Cod ( it had been a while since “Cod Almighty”) in their reef setting, literally “Cod In Heaven” and get to know Sam in the process. She shared some of the fantastic murals she was working on into the bargain. The beautiful original of “Cod in Heaven” now hangs unframed over our dining table in our new home, unframed because Sam completed the scenes on the edges of the canvass.  Sam was absolutely right , the original is at another level to the wonderful prints and the connection with it through being included in the journey from blank canvass to unboxing on deliver is deep and personal. Whilst serendipitous that the digital media of “Cod Almighty” was not available and the whereabouts of its original remains unknown I couldn’t be happier with the experience of commissioning an original from Sam and another commission is in the pipeline ! I can also confirm that Cod has not been on the menu at our table and never will be  😉

David Drummond, 12 May 2021

Many thanks for your wonderful artwork.

We have a kitchen splash back with an amazing mural of broken head beach and a mural of black cockatoos on our verandah wall. 
They are truly beautiful and inspiring. They complete our home and we always are in awe of what you have created. 


Many blessings to you Sam.

Trish & Terry Bleakley, 9 May 2021

We received our gorgeous letter box and are thrilled with its beautiful colours and pictures of Aussie animals.  We have installed it outside our Granny Flat where we have a little fake farm for our two grandchildren. It just adds a lovely touch and we plan to put letters in it so our granddaughter can enjoy collecting letters and cards from the letter box.


Hope you like where we've placed it. Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL art. 


Ian and Debra, 12 February 2021

Farm 2.jpg
Farm 1.jpg

​Your letterbox arrived safely yesterday, although we only unpacked the parcel this morning, I let Ian unpack it, he loved it the birds the trees everything it is now sitting proudly on our hall table near the front door, I suggested to Ian that he place a letter inside the letterbox to tell the story of why he wanted to see the white trunk gumtrees, it is a good idea he said that way it is not only a letterbox but one that tells a story that we can pass on to our kids when it no longer can sit on a hall table.

Thank you for being able to paint a work of art that comes from the heart. Ian and I will be able to talk about that letterbox for a long time .

Thank you and God bless, Take care enjoy your gift of painting that delights every one that sees it.

Ian & Ineke Butterworth, 30 January 2021

Well, I waited to Christmas and gifted my husband the letterbox.  I have never seen him so lost for words, he loved it.  This is a before and after of our letter box, my husband made the old 20 years and it was time for an upgrade.  Thank you again Sam, we just love it.

Trudi, 29 December 2020


What a beauty..... such a charming piece of art.  Thanks a million!

Danielle Somerville-Mole, 29 December 2020

Danielle 2.jpg
Danielle 1.jpg
Danielle 3.jpg

I can’t thank you enough Sam. The work you created has brought us so much joy. You are a ‘heartist’ in every sense of the word; the works you produce are truly from the heart.

From the moment I contacted you to paint the letterbox as a surprise birthday gift for my wife you were immediately on board.


My wife is a volunteer possum carer and wildlife rescuer. You were able to create a true ‘work of heart’ filled with many species of possums and gliders as well as kookaburras and eucalypt blossoms.


I felt so assured throughout the process and you took me along the journey with you with picture updates as the letterbox came to life with your efforts. Each brushstroke has been applied with great passion and if you were only here to see the joy on my wife’s face when she received the letterbox you would understand what a gift to the world you, your talent, and most importantly your passion and heart is to the world.


If you are looking for a truly unique, personal and heartfelt gift then Sam will exceed your expectations.


One word of caution: from the beautiful experience I have had with Sam and the incredible work she creates she is in high demand.

I can’t speak highly enough about you and I’m still smiling. Thank you so much Sam you are a rare being.

David Cuschieri  11 December 2020

The post box arrived this morning and Colin and I are delighted with it.   Just have to go to Bunnings tomorrow and buy a post and then install it.

Thank you so much, it is fantastic.  Look forward to seeing it in Country Style and all the best in your artistic endeavours.

Attached are images of the letterbox installed.  It looks great and the neighbours love it also.

Helen McWilliam 27 November 2020

McWilliams 2.jpg
McWilliams 1.jpg
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