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Step into my shoes

For I’ve stepped in yours

And yet my feet belong to the ground

I’ve looked through your eyes

It made me sad

So follow me into my world


Without shoes you feel the pulse of this land

And it beats to the rhythm of heart

You touch your Self

And remember so much

Listen Now

Feel a different wealth


Embrace your children

Give them your time

For their joy will tickle the land

Laugh with them and it will be

Heard by the stars and

In the sound of the sand


Look around you

Feel your rhythm

If it’s lost then slow down and be free

Go back to a time when your heart felt joy

Be honest

If you want, come with me


I know how to share

I know we are One

I know because my ancestors whisper

They sing through the waves

They speak on the wind and through

Rock paintings they silently disappear


Imagine this life

Grasp it’s message with all of your focus

Feel it’s powerful wind lash

On the turn of your tide

Let chaos find order

And surrender on shores where waves crash


(c) Samantha Wortelhock


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