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A party took place

In far Arnhem Land

The School of the Air

Had just broken up


From all over the Territory

Friends came together

To play, eat tucker

And muck up


While the children played footy

In the hot midday sun

The parents sat under a tree

Glad of the shade

They took turns to watch

Keeping an eye out for

All they could see.


Then out of the blue

Came the sound of beaks stealing

And the parents leapt up from the tree.

Five cheeky emus were eating their lunch

They were tired of grass, insects and fleas.


There lay the rub

The wrong sort of grub

Both in the minds of humans and birds

They began to run, sugar- fuelled in the sun

Back to their own native scrub


Copyright BreakAway Art P/L

Hard Act to Swallow

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