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I woke within my dream one night

“My God! I’m flying. This feels good

And look down there! The seagulls are baking”

And a voice replied, “Why not?”

“Don’t you see that this is real?

You feel the wind ripple round your limbs...

Who is to say that what you are doing isn’t as valid as when you wake up in your bed as the alarm rudely screams,

“Get up, get up! Right now!”

“I give you these dreams to remind you

That life as you know it is one thing

But that table that feels so solid to touch

Is made up of particles which move fast as lightning.

So question reality, let your thoughts wonder

Play with ideas and you’ll see

A world open up

A window within...

A new sense born to fly free”!


Copyright BreakAway Art P/L


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