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A dream revealed a blueprint

Of a collection of paintings from Source:

Nature’s Voice a palpable presence

Spells out a collision course.

The painting “Balance” was the first of many

Within it the promise of the others

It speaks of Natures gift to us:

A reigning free will to soil our nest, our sisters and our brothers.

And within that infinite freedom

Our choice to question Mother Earth

And doubt her steady presence

From our immaculate birth

So with our minds we alter a perfect state:

Change the course of rivers and pollute the land

And she lets us until that day

When she lets go her steady hand

And we hold up the elements as we


And sense that free fall feeling and suddenly connect again

With the visionary artist within

The one who knows that we are Nature

And that every one is kin

And in to her loving arms we collectively


We forgive as we re-member

A healing touch, a magic time

A trusting love surrender.

Copyright BreakAway Art P/L


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