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Throwing Up (ideas, arms and balls)


I have mural work coming up after the school holidays, more than I can presently imagine. Word of my murals has slipped out of my current state and into schools over the border. I’m grateful because it’s been four weeks running on empty. Famine and feast is the nature of my beast.

So, with nothing in my trough I have been ruminating and regurgitating a serial on to canvas.

It is a humorous series of small acrylic paintings that juxtapose the nature of birds in the human realm. The paintings are cameos that expose how humans contrive, affect and alter the natural state.

The series is called Justapose.

Justapose 1 depicts an oyster catcher at a bar. In front of him is a plate of freshly shucked oysters resting on a bed of rock salt and garnished with finger lime caviar.

Justapose 2 is a pair of dancing brolgas prancing in front of the barre at the ballet.

I have so many ideas that this series will keep me, and I hope you, amused for a while. Justapose 3 is already in the pipeline.

This time at home painting with my dog beside me is as warm as soup on these cold wintry days. However, (today) Thursday brings another meeting, one that will formalise my mural concept for Ballina. I’m anticipating the next round of time devoured, ideas chewed over and images purged in glorious technicolour, this time close to home, on the streets of Ballina.

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