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The last individual survivors of twelve species arrived to hear a great

Elder speak.


“Our land of the Big Red Rock was passed over to the many edible

creatures who were put here in great numbers in the hot cruel sun to

dig and trample our soil. Only the wind has the land’s ashes and dust

to fall in vast valleys far under our seas.


Our land is so fragile that the Great Spirits knew that we were to

touch it lightly. So they created animals that hop with soft paws

barely touching it nightly.


But it is so hard for the greedy to listen when all they do is to need.

So great farms are built, trees flattened, fences made for the

containment of edible breeds.


But they miss the point of why we are here: that we are all sacred and



Upon each other to hold up the Great Living Web; one we now

cannot mend.


And so it is sad, my fellow land lovers, that tonight we sit here at vast



A meeting place of great dignity


A symbol of Nature, of timelessness and spiritual gravity.


While we share a meal, this shameful spread.


A symbol of cultural depravity.


Copyright BreakAway Art P/L

The Last Supper

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